Struct std::os::MemoryMap[src]

pub struct MemoryMap {
    pub data: *mut u8,
    pub len: uint,
    pub kind: MemoryMapKind,

A memory mapped file or chunk of memory. This is a very system-specific interface to the OS's memory mapping facilities (mmap on POSIX, VirtualAlloc/CreateFileMapping on win32). It makes no attempt at abstracting platform differences, besides in error values returned. Consider yourself warned.

The memory map is released (unmapped) when the destructor is run, so don't let it leave scope by accident if you want it to stick around.



Pointer to the memory created or modified by this map.


Number of bytes this map applies to


Type of mapping


impl MemoryMap

fn new(min_len: uint, options: &[MapOption]) -> Result<MemoryMap, MapError>

Create a new mapping with the given options, at least min_len bytes long. min_len must be greater than zero; see the note on ErrZeroLength.

fn granularity() -> uint

Granularity that the offset or address must be for MapOffset and MapAddr respectively.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for MemoryMap

fn drop(&mut self)

Unmap the mapping. Fails the task if munmap fails.